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A Breakthrough Method

Simply Music is a breakthrough method which enables students to play the piano quickly and easily. This method is fundamentally different from how piano has been taught for hundreds of years and it produces results which are vastly superior than that of traditional method.

Traditional piano lessons are reading based. The students are taught how to decode the notes and rhythm and translate the written music onto the piano. The student must process many streams of information simultaneously and a student’s playing is often limited to their ability to read music. An unfortunate result is that many students enter the world of piano lessons each year, yet we find that in 1994 there were at least 11 million unused pianos in the United States alone. The majority of piano students struggle through tedious hours of practice each week and stop playing the piano as soon as they stop their lessons. Many leave either discouraged believing that they are not musical or retain a dislike of the piano. Only a tiny fraction of piano students continue to play the piano as a part of their life.

Simply Music is a playing based approach to learning piano. It follows a natural form of learning by delaying the reading process. This approach is similar to a child learning to speak before he learns to read. The student begins by quickly learning to play great sounding contemporary, classical, blues, and accompaniment pieces before moving on to reading.

Simply Music begins with the assumption that every person is profoundly musical. Our everyday speech and motions display the mastery of complex rhythms. Simply Music capitalizes on a person’s natural musicality and uses incremental learning techniques to achieve quick results. Though each of us learn at different rates and most of us probably will never become concert pianists, Simply Music enables students to gain the ability to sit down at any keyboard and play various genre of music.