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Thank you for visiting this site. I do offer a free introductory session for anyone interested in finding out more about Simply Music. Please contact me to schedule a session to find out more about this breakthrough method. Call Amy at 453-8210 or email me at


Because of the nature of Simply Music, the program is optimally learned in a group setting. So if you are interested in learning the piano, invite some friends or family to come along and travel down this wonderful journey with you.

Group lesson lengths vary depending on the number of students in the class. In general attempts will be made to place children, teens, adults, and elderly in separate groups to provide an optimal learning environment for all, unless at the request of the participating members of the group such as parent(s) learning with their child(ren).

2 students 30 minutes
3 students 35 minutes
4 students 40 minutes
5 students 45 minutes
6+ students 50 minutes

Speical considerations can be made for private lessons (such as students with special needs). Private lessons are 25 minute per lesson

Student home materials are purchased separately and are a necessary part of this program.

Note: One question often asked by parents is how old must their child be before starting lessons. Unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule with respect to age. For group lessons, it is imperative that the child is able to focus, listen, and quickly follow instructions and have developed sufficient manual dexterity to be able to walk each finger individually on the keyboard (point to a finger and the child is able to press down only that finger). Furthermore, that the child can play a chord by pressing down his/her thumb, middle finger, and pinkie together. Most children six and up are ready for group lessons.

Lesson Overview

Check out the Simply Music curriculum overview and see what will be covered. Because of the comprehensive nature of this program the suggested progress in the overview maybe overly optimistic.

Here's a medley of parts of each song learned from Levels 1-4 (average students will have easily learned to play these songs in under two years)