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“I have seen a lot of music programs over the years. Some were fun. Some were clever. Some were thorough. Here’s one that has it all. In terms of presentation, effectiveness, philosophy – you name it – there’s nothing out there that compares at all.”
--Mary Pride, Publisher,
Practical Homeschool Magazine



An Award Winning Program

2009 Stamp of Approval Award from Homeschooling Parent magazine for Best Music/Art Curriculum.

First place in 2008 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards for music curriculum.

Simply Music came in second in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 2008 Excellence in Education Awards.

In the News

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From some of my students and their parents

I have two children in Simply Music. My son has been taking for over six months and really enjoys his lessons especially that he could play "real" music so quickly. We tried the traditional method with him a few years earlier and it didn't work out for his personality. My daughter has had traditional music lessons for over five years and has been taking Simply Music for about three months. It is a new way of learning music that encourages her to "play around" on the piano, learning accompaniment, blues, and even to compose her own songs! I highly recommend Simply Music to anyone who hasn't learned to play yet--you'll be amazed at what you can play in a very short amount of time; and I recommend it for those who have had lessons before and have given up or those who just want to enhance their piano experience.
-Hali C.

I'm a slow learner. I tried learning piano with the traditional method and found practice was more like a chore. I didn't learn a single song and didn't enjoy playing. It was frustrating for both the teacher and me. With Simply Music, I'm now able to play seven songs from memory and it's worth it.

Hi Amy. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I really appreciate the way you have helped Danae learn the piano this year. She is excelling in learning how to play many songs. She tried the Yamaha method of learning when she was 7 but didn't show much progress or enthusiasm. We started taking the Simply Music method of learning songs this year and she really likes practicing now and has a feeling of accomplishment when she is finished.
She has impressed a lot a people at our homeschool group talent show because she can play hard songs with no music!!!
Thanks for your help and dedication.
-Cheryl Armstrong